Home Staging Consultations Can Net You $1000's

Our Home Staging Consultations are the most in-depth comprehensive in the business. An implemented Consultation can net you $1000's.
With a Home Staging Consultation, I will walk through your home, take pictures, and give you verbal recommendations and ideas on how to prepare your home for sale. Also included will be a Property Assessment Report with customized Staging Tips, Organization Tips, Showing Instructions, Paint Color, and Curb Appeal along with a Home Staging Estimate. This part of the Consultation usually takes 2-3 hours depending on the size and condition of the house. After the initial home walk-through is completed, Redesign Etc. will prepare a customized written property assessment report which includes specific room-by-room instructions for preparing your home for sale.
Should you decide after reviewing the Assessment report you would like help implementing the suggestions, I will be happy to recommend companies that provide the services you may need. Many homeowners can save money by doing most of the work themselves.

After this process is finished, the homeowner can have Redesign Etc. execute hands-on staging for the last step in the Home Staging process. If you’ve completed all the work on the report, it generally takes a few days depending on the size and scope of house to complete the final staging. Redesign Etc. is a Full Service Home Staging & Interior Redesign Company serving the Greater Houston and Galveston Area.

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