Cindy Bryant - Houston Home Stager - Featured On ABC Houston Local News

Recently, the owner, Cindy Bryant of Redesign Etc a Home Staging Company was featured in two segments on ABC Channel 13 Local News. Reporter Patricia Lopez interviewed Cindy and watched the transformation of how to redesign a room. The segment was "Stretch Your Dollars" and the features were "Redesigning a Room", and "Tips on How to Redesign a Room Yourself"

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Cindy Bryant is the owner of Redesign Etc. Houston's Home Staging & Redesign Specialist Staging Your Home To Sell! We Serve Houston To Galveston Bay!


Houston Home Stager Cindy Bryant Featured In Houston Chronicle

Recently Houston Home Stager Cindy Bryant was featured in the Houston Chronicle and was asked 5 questions by Reporter Purva Patel.
June 10, 2008, 9:44PM

MoneymakersFive questions with Cindy Bryant

Staging homes adds a dimension to selling
By Purva Patel-Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle

Cindy Bryant grew up watching her mom prep homes for sale.
After spending most of her career marketing professional athletes, she started her own home-staging business, Redesign Etc., a year ago.
Staging entails cleaning, stylizing and depersonalizing homes so others can imagine living there.
Staging can also mean painting, new landscaping and other changes, depending on how much a homeowner is willing to invest in marketing a home.
Bryant recently spoke with Chronicle reporter Purva Patel about home staging. The following are excerpts of that conversation.

Q: With home sales slowing in parts of town, are you seeing more sellers resorting to staging services?
A: Absolutely. Yes, the market is not great, and I'm getting a lot of calls every day. People are having their houses on the market three to six months now and they're not getting any traffic to the house.
If you can't get traffic, you don't get offers. I'm getting more calls, and some people are calling before they put their house on the market because they realize there is so much competition. They want to start out with a bang rather than have to sit on the market for six months.

Q: How long does it take to sell once a house is staged?
A: Nationally is a whole different can of worms because every city and every market is different. In Houston, for my business, I've had houses sell in two days. My houses usually sell under 30 days. On average they sell about two weeks after they've been staged by our company.
I had a house that was on the market for a year, and it sold two days after it was staged. I got a call from an owner, who said the Realtor had said their million-dollar view would sell the house. After a year, she called me and said, "My million-dollar view is not selling this house."
I came in, picked out some paint color, completely repainted the whole place, brought in furniture and redid the whole place. Two days later, she had a full-price offer. So it does work.

Q: Are there any particular types of pieces that are better suited for staging?
A: It depends on the demographics of where the home is that you're staging. It's different in the suburbs versus a loft downtown. That's going to appeal to two different types of people — a family home in the suburbs as opposed to a loft that would appeal to young professional couple living in the city. That's why I pick up all kinds of pieces: urban, modern contemporary and traditional pieces as well.

Q: What's the biggest mistake people make when it comes to staging?
A: The biggest mistake is, and I come across this every day, people usually love their homes and it's a very, very emotional thing for them, so it's very hard for people to detach themselves from the house.
Because of that, they cannot look at their house objectively because they've lived there and it looks fine to them. They can't get past, say, their red dining room that maybe they spent hours and hours picking out that red color they love.
They don't understand that not everybody is going to love that red dining room. It's almost like a child to them.
They're just so emotionally attached to it that they can't give an objectiveview.

Q: Have you had to adjust your prices because of rising gasoline costs?
A: No. I should because I do go all over Houston. But I haven't yet. I can tell you it's tough because I drive a Suburban, so it's definitely driving up costs.

Contact Cindy Bryant for a Home Staging Consultation. Cindy Bryant is the owner of Redesign Etc. Houston's Home Staging & Redesign Specialist Staging Your Home To Sell!

cindy @RedesignEtc.com or Phone: 281-748-2170



What's Really Involved When Staging A Vacant Home

With vacant homes on the rise in the real estate market more people are turning to Home Stagers to give their home that competitive edge. What most people don't realize is the time and labor involved in staging a vacant home.

After the necessary recommendations and improvements from the Home Staging Consultation Report has been implemented the actual Home Staging process begins.

The following usually takes place for Home Stagers when staging a Vacant home:

Visiting the property to take a look at each room, the space, feel, and style of home.
Visually figuring out what furniture and accessories will best fit the spaces to be done, also known as space planning.
Taking photos of each room.
Figuring out the cost of furniture and accessories for the house.

Possible shopping for items needed specifically for that home.
Ordering furniture, paperwork, contracts, and phone calls.
Delivery of furniture from Furniture Company, if you use one.
Going to warehouse to start picking out and packing accessories.
Getting a truck, or trailer to carry all of the items you'll need.
Loading all items, accessories and furniture into truck or vehicle of choice. (Hoping you don't need anything else and have to make several trips).
Driving to location.
Unloading items from truck, unpacking, and placement of items and furniture, known as hands-on staging.
Take after photos.
Taking all excess that's not used, including totes or boxes and load back into truck.
Drive back to warehouse to unload.
Drive home and Crash!
Wake up the next day sore from head to toe, with scrapes, bruises and cuts, (forget the nails).
House Sells...Then What?
Call furniture company to pick-up furniture.
Drive to get truck that you'll be using to bring items back.
Drive to warehouse to get totes and boxes to put items from home back into them.
Drive to house that has now sold.
Start packing, bubble wrapping, and placing all items in totes.
Load furniture and accessories into truck.
Drive back to warehouse.
Unload, Unpack, and put everything back into warehouse.
Take truck back.
Drive home and crash again!
The next day start all over!

This is just an example of what usually happens, every Home Stager does it a little differently.

The average time from start to finish can average between 20-25 hours.

Visit http://www.redesignetc.com/ Houston's Home Staging Specialist Staging Your Home To Sell!


Houston Home Staging Professional Cindy Bryant To Be Guest Speaker on Radio Talk Show

Keeping You In The Loop!
KNTH 1070 AM Live Radio Talk Show
Get Your Questions Answered Live!
Home Staging & Curb Appeal will be the topics this Sunday, April 6, from 10am-11am. Guest speaker will include Cindy Bryant, owner of Redesign Etc. -Home Staging & Redesign Specialists Staging Your Home To Sell! She will be live in the studio to talk about the benefits of professional home staging, tips and recomendations and answer any questions you may have. Milan Ross, Realtor with Prudential Gary Greene in Houston will be the host. Milan's show airs every Sunday from 10am to 11am and he answers questions about buying, selling, leasing or investing in the Houston Real Estate Market.
Tune In To hear broadcast live or click on link below:


Kids Wish Network-Houston Girl Gets Her Dream

by Jill Atchison-Kids Wish Network, February 22, 2008

I recently completed a wish for a very special young lady named Gabby from Houston, TX. Gabby suffers from Sickle Cell Disease. When I spoke to Gabby in the fall she told me her only wish was for a Betty Boop bedroom makeover! I began working on getting furniture and Betty Boop items. There were many Betty Boop Vendors who contributed a vast array of Betty items including bedding, rugs, lamps, bathroom items - you name it, we got it! Getting her just the right furniture however, took some time.
Last month I received a call from Christine of Four Hands Furniture out of Austin, TX. She agreed to donate a queen sized four poster bed, two end tables and lamps. I then contacted Bi-Rite Furniture out of Houston, TX and Turbo, the owner agreed to donate a dresser and mirror. Reyes Ortiz the owner of Ultimate Comfort also donated a queen pillow top mattress and box spring. So finally we had the furniture!!
I also enlisted the help of Cindy Bryant the owner of Redesign Etc., Inc. and Bennett Taylor of Elements by Taylor to put everything together. Cindy accepted delivery of all the “Boop Stuff”. Bennett not only painted a 4′ X 4′ Betty “Mural” but ran all around town picking up furniture.
Last Tuesday I sent Randall from Randall’s limo’s to pick up Gabby and her mom and get them out of the house while Cindy and Bennett went to work. Randall took Gabby to Westpark Wal-Mart where the asst. manager Terry Lazar had a Flat Screen TV waiting for her. After they picked up the TV they went to Olive Garden for lunch.
Meanwhile back at home, Four Hands had the furniture delivered and Bennett brought her mural and the furniture she collected, while Cindy worked fervently to get everything set up for the “Grand Unveiling”. When Gabby got home she was very surprised and very happy with her new bedroom. Gabby’s mom Janet said “she had the best night’s sleep she’s had in a long time”. Gabby is excited to have her friends come over to check out her new room.
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If you have or know a child that fits our criteria, call 888-918-9004 to talk to one of our wish counselors.
"Redesign Etc, was honored and humbled when asked to design the room for Gabby, she is a "little sweetie pie". This experience is the best one I've had so far, it really was so much fun and to see everything come together, and people give of their time, goods and services, was such an overwhelming feeling for me. Gabby is a special and brave young lady, one that I will never forget."
Cindy Bryant-Owner Redesign Etc.


Return On Home Staging Investments

2007 Home Gain Survey Based On Over 2,000 Real Estate Agents Nationwide:

Improvement-Professionally Staging A Home
Typical Cost -$403-$584
Increase In Sales Price
Avg. Return
- 343%
Agents Who Recommend


To see completed survey on other home improvements click link below



Home Staging Accentuates Your Homes Features!

After Home Staging

This Home Sold In 30 Days!

Using what the home seller had, we created a warm, cozy inviting room that a home buyer could imagine living here. Focus was taken off of the mismanaged space and on the features of the house. That is what home staging does!
Visit www.redesignetc.com Houston's Home Staging & Redesign Specialist Staging Your Home To Sell!


Kid Clutter To Super Simplistic

Kids had taken over the Game Room and had made it their craft room. After taking the table, clutter and other pieces out, it was turned into a very simplistic, minimalist room. I was able to use the benches as a much needed coffee table. Redesigned using the homeowners furniture.

This property was staged and sold under 30 days.

Visit http://www.redesignetc.com/ Houston's Home Staging & Redesign Specialist staging your home to sell.

From Frat House To Defined Spaces

This was a family/formal dining room that was being used for a family room/pool hall. Moving out the pool table and furniture the couple had since college and bringing in rental furniture and accessories gave this room a more appealing look. An added value of a dining room, on a very tight budget.

Visit http://www.redesignetc.com/ Houston's Home Staging & Redesign Specialist staging your house to sell.

Subtle Changes Make A Room Usable

Formal Living made into a Study. Small changes using the homeowners furniture and one rental chair, make a much more usable room. This room served no purpose before, now buyers could visualize a functional room.

House was staged and sold under 30 days.

Visit http://www.redesignetc.com/ Houston's Home Staging & Redesign Specialist staging houses to sell.


Curb Appeal Where What's On The Outside Counts!

Mom always told us it's whats on the inside that counts. And as usual mom is right, but in this case the outside also counts! While the inside could look amazing - if the yard is not well maintained, the buyer may not want to look for the diamond in the rough.
With some elbow grease the yard is transformed into showcasing this adorable bungalow in the trendy "Heights" area of Houston.

Visit http://www.redesignetc.com/ Houston's Home Staging & Redesign Specialist Staging Your House To Sell.

Above are Before & After of an Implemented Curb Appeal Recommendation from Redesign Etc.


Stager Idol Competition-Over $12,000 Grand Prize!

Over $12,000.00 in CASH and PRIZES!

RESA is proud to present... Stager Idol!

Stager Idol is designed to allow Professional Home Stagers from all backgrounds to compete for the coveted position as Stager Idol 2008! The competition runs from January 15th through May 25th 2008. The winner will be announced on May 28th!
Stager Idol will be judged by the public first and then the 10 with the most points will be interviewed and judged by our celebrity judges seen below. The one chosen will win over $10,000 in money and prizes! Last but not least , earn the well deserved recognition of the BEST in North Amercia.
Only One Will Be Chosen By These Celebrity Judges
* Stephanie McWilliams of Fun Shui * Margie Kyle - Desperate Designs * Ann Maurice the House Doctor!


Stager Idol is brought to you by RESA - the premier Real Estate Staging Association run by its own members...the Professional Home Stagers of North America. Chapters are forming all across the country. See if there is one near you!

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Houston's Hot New Real Estate Marketing Tool

Home Staging in Houston is a hot new marketing tool that gives you that edge in a competitive real estate market. Sell your home faster and get Top Dollar by using our Home Staging Services. We create the "WOW" factor for that "Model Home Look". Buyers are savvy and first impressions are everything. We merchandise your home to stand out from the competition, staging your house to "sell". We can use your existing furnishings and accessories, or we offer an accessory and furniture rental program to artfully achieve a designer look. We use furniture and accessories that complement any size, type or look of home.

How Home Staging Can Help You

Whether you're selling or buying a home, newlyweds, empty nester's, combining households, or just tired of the "same old look," Redesign Etc. can help. Specializing in Vacant and Occupied Real Estate Home Staging, Interior Redesign for Living, and Color & Paint Consultations, just to name a few. We strive to enhance the appearance and curb appeal of homes for owners, and prospective buyers, while working within the clients budget. The design team will use tricks of the trade to achieve the "WOW" factor that model homes have! These services, as seen on HGTV shows like Freestyle, and Designed to Sell are an effective and inexpensive way to create a new look. Using your existing furnishings, or with a little help from our furniture and accessory rental program, your home can be transformed in days not months. Housing market experts tell us that staged homes sell an average of 50% faster and for 6-10% more. Home stagers provide a high value, low cost service designed to sell your home quickly and for the highest value. Our goal is to assist you with any decorating dilemmas you may have, inside or out.

The 3 Biggest Problems People Have With Their Own Homes:
1) The Placement of Furniture
2) The Scale of Furniture
3) The Combination of Colors

How Much Does Home Staging Cost?

The most frequently asked question is "How much does home staging cost"? That is the biggest misconception of staging. It is extremely affordable! Of course the price depends largely on the size and scope of the project. However, the cost is often a few hundred dollars for a full staging package compared to $1000's. So, before you list your home, or take that first price reduction, of several thousand dollars, give us a try. You will be amazed at the results. Redesign Etc. offers a Home Staging Consultation which includes paint/color and curb appeal.We will meet with you to understand your space inside and out. With your permission, I will take digital photos and prepare a written Consultation Property Assessment Report. This Report details all aspects of interior and exterior needs that you can do in order to get top dollar for the property. It will focus on what to pack up in each space, and offer recommendations such as paint, repairs, and de-cluttering. We will also provide a flat-rate Staging Bid Proposal, should you decide to have your property staged. We provide a full range of home staging services, and can do as little or as much you want within your budget. Our home stagers help showcase your homes hidden potential and get your house in "show ready" condition and we explain how to keep it that way. The team of Redesign Etc. can create a home that buyers can visualize themselves living in, or create a home you'll love living in!

House Not Selling~We Have The Solution!

At Redesign Etc, we know what it takes to get a house sold. With many years of marketing, merchandising, real estate investing and interior decorating experience we take your house from "For Sale" to "Sold". Redesign Etc., is a full-service home staging company, offering a complete line of furniture, accessories and hands-on staging to merchandise a "vacant or occupied home" giving it that "model home look" that appeals to the widest variety of people. We offer the most up-to-date furniture and accessories available for the most current look. In a 2006 National Association Of Realtors article, it stated that 81% of buyers use the internet to search for a home, and that number is growing daily. Many home buyers will pass on a vacant property because it's photos portray a cold, empty feeling house that lacks warmth and curb appeal. A home that has been staged gives the buyer a sense of how the space can be defined and utilized. So before taking a price reduction of several thousand dollars, and paying recurring fees on your "vacant home" let us give you our customized personal hands-on plan! Redesign Etc., also works within all budgets, and size of homes.

Home Staging Consultations Can Net You $1000's

Our Home Staging Consultations are the most in-depth comprehensive in the business. An implemented Consultation can net you $1000's.
With a Home Staging Consultation, I will walk through your home, take pictures, and give you verbal recommendations and ideas on how to prepare your home for sale. Also included will be a Property Assessment Report with customized Staging Tips, Organization Tips, Showing Instructions, Paint Color, and Curb Appeal along with a Home Staging Estimate. This part of the Consultation usually takes 2-3 hours depending on the size and condition of the house. After the initial home walk-through is completed, Redesign Etc. will prepare a customized written property assessment report which includes specific room-by-room instructions for preparing your home for sale.
Should you decide after reviewing the Assessment report you would like help implementing the suggestions, I will be happy to recommend companies that provide the services you may need. Many homeowners can save money by doing most of the work themselves.

After this process is finished, the homeowner can have Redesign Etc. execute hands-on staging for the last step in the Home Staging process. If you’ve completed all the work on the report, it generally takes a few days depending on the size and scope of house to complete the final staging. Redesign Etc. is a Full Service Home Staging & Interior Redesign Company serving the Greater Houston and Galveston Area.

Houston Real Estate -Buyers Market

It's a buyer's market just about everywhere in the USA right now. New homes are edging out the older ones, and empty homes are sitting even longer on the market because only 10% of buyer's can visualize their furnishings in a vacant house. Buyer's are overwhelmed at the abundance of choices they have when buying a home, they are like kids in a candy store, they can't make up their minds, there are so many available. They also have the luxury of making low ball offers. That is why home sellers have to do something to set themselves apart from the fierce competition. Their are two solutions to helping with this problem. The first is pricing your house competitively. The second is having your home professionally staged. It will show better, and make a better impression on the MLS listing photos, after it's been staged. A whopping 87% of people start their search on the Internet. If your photos don't impress, your home won't get shown. Don't waste time, and money sitting on your home, call for a Home Consultation today to see how home staging can reduce your selling time maximizing your bottom line.

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