Houston...Reasons to Get Your Home Staged

~Staged homes show better than similar ones your competing against.
~Houses for sale are at an all time high, you've got to have the edge.
~Only 10% of buyers can imagine their own things in a home.
~Create inviting spaces with broad appeal to a wide range of buyers.
~Staged homes usually sale for 50% faster than non-staged homes.
~Staged homes on average sell for 7-10% over list price.
~Staged homes have been bought without ever seeing the property in person, from only viewing photos on internet.
~Agents show staged homes more, because they are ready to sell.
~Staging is far less than your 1st price reduction.
~Creates a positive first impression and makes property memorable in the eyes of the home buyer.
~Inspectors know that if a home looks great it must be well maintained.
~If your home has been on the market for a while, having it staged creates, a whole new buzz about your home, and Realtors will bring buyers, as it will be a fresh listing.
~Living in your home and selling your home are two different things.
~Increase the value of your property.
~A buyer forms and opinion within the first 10 seconds.
~Cost and Time Effective.
~The older your listing, the less you'll get offered, buyers will negotiate.
~Leaving your house vacant, already has the home buyer negotiating the price down, thinking you need to move the property quickly.
~Clutter lowers the value of your home in the buyers eye.
~No one ever complains about a house having too much light, too much space or too much storage, or being too relaxing.
~Staging is best done before listing, so you get a higher listing price, and great after photos for your listing pictures on the internet.
~ Home buying is based on emotions, the potential buyer must fall in love with your home, and nothing will stop them from having it.
~ For most people, a home is one of the largest financial investments made. Wouldn't you do anything you could to maximize the return on your investment?
~Staging is a win-win situation for everyone involved!


Exactly What is Home Staging...It's definition!

Home staging is the act of grooming a home to make it more attractive to potential buyers and to raise the value of the home, and has been around since the 1970s. By presenting potential buyers with a fully furnished home instead of empty rooms, sellers and agents are able to sell homes faster and for more money. The outside of the home should also be manicured; since it is the first thing potential buyers see when they pull up.
Home staging may be defined as preparing your house to be as visually and aesthetically pleasing as possible. First impressions are huge in real estate, and staging a home is designed to do just that, make an incredible first impression! The ultimate goal of staging is to place the home in the best showcase condition, so that it sells at the highest possible price in the shortest possible time. You also want your home to appeal to the widest possible range of people that could be viewing your home, and you want potential buyers to visualize the lifestyle they could have if they buy your home. We we will turn your house in to a very appealing "must have" property, that buyers will see not just as a house, but a beautiful home!
One of the more successful concepts in staging is that "Less is More"! Successful staging does not require a lot of furniture. There's something wrong if a buyer is looking at the furniture and not the house. A well-staged home will give it the appearance of being larger than it may actually be, and it's always good to remind yourself that every square foot you free up is prime real estate! Another motto is "Appearance is Everything"! By having your home professionally staged, you transform your house into a "hot property" by making it more visually appealing. Most prospective buyers make a decision within ten seconds of walking through your front door, and the ultimate goal is having them walk in and say "I can see myself living in this house!"

Subprime lenders getting crushed

March 13, 07 cnnmoney.com cites the following:
Subprime lenders are already getting crushed -the impact rising mortgage delinquencies will have on home prices overall is still an open question. At a minimum, it means financing is drying up financing is or those with less-than-perfect credit and that spells fewer home buyers. And foreclosed properties will add supply to a housing market that already has too much.
. "[National] inventory is 20 percent higher than last year, vacancy rates have soared and prices are down about 3 percent," I don't see how prices don't fall another 5, 6 or 7 percent."
The tightening of credit could take as many as one million buyers out of the market, says Baker, citing Bear Stearns research. "Even if you cut that in half, say to 400,000 or 500,000, that's huge."