Houston...Reasons to Get Your Home Staged

~Staged homes show better than similar ones your competing against.
~Houses for sale are at an all time high, you've got to have the edge.
~Only 10% of buyers can imagine their own things in a home.
~Create inviting spaces with broad appeal to a wide range of buyers.
~Staged homes usually sale for 50% faster than non-staged homes.
~Staged homes on average sell for 7-10% over list price.
~Staged homes have been bought without ever seeing the property in person, from only viewing photos on internet.
~Agents show staged homes more, because they are ready to sell.
~Staging is far less than your 1st price reduction.
~Creates a positive first impression and makes property memorable in the eyes of the home buyer.
~Inspectors know that if a home looks great it must be well maintained.
~If your home has been on the market for a while, having it staged creates, a whole new buzz about your home, and Realtors will bring buyers, as it will be a fresh listing.
~Living in your home and selling your home are two different things.
~Increase the value of your property.
~A buyer forms and opinion within the first 10 seconds.
~Cost and Time Effective.
~The older your listing, the less you'll get offered, buyers will negotiate.
~Leaving your house vacant, already has the home buyer negotiating the price down, thinking you need to move the property quickly.
~Clutter lowers the value of your home in the buyers eye.
~No one ever complains about a house having too much light, too much space or too much storage, or being too relaxing.
~Staging is best done before listing, so you get a higher listing price, and great after photos for your listing pictures on the internet.
~ Home buying is based on emotions, the potential buyer must fall in love with your home, and nothing will stop them from having it.
~ For most people, a home is one of the largest financial investments made. Wouldn't you do anything you could to maximize the return on your investment?
~Staging is a win-win situation for everyone involved!

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