6 Reasons To Bring In A Home Stager

I get asked this question alot. The answer is before you do anything. All to often a home seller will call after they've painted, laid new carpet, replaced tile and have finished most of the cosmetic work. We, at Redesign Etc. can help make all of those decisions for you. We know what buyers are looking for and can keep our personal tastes out of the decision.

1) If you are wanting to put your house on the market and don't know where to begin.

2) You have too much, or too little furniture, and you're not sure what to keep and what to store.

3) Have rooms that you're not sure what to do with.

4) Need some furniture or accessories to give it that finished look.

5) If your house has been on the market and you're not really sure why, maybe it's time to call in a home stager for a professional opinion, we will be honest, unbiased, and have no vested interest in commissions, but we do want your house to sell, that's our top priority!

6) You're not sure what should be replaced, and what will bring your best ROI (Return on Investment). We will help you target any problem areas a buyer would and give you cost effective tips, and recommendations on what area should be addressed. Sometimes buyers replace items that don't necessarily need replacing, we can help guide you on what that should be, saving you money on necessary purchases.

Call us when you have decided to put your house on the market and we will give you a thorough walk through with a detailed, comprehensive, custom consultation to start, with options of furniture and accessories if necessary.


Home Stagers Add Value to a Home

I did a consult this weekend, with some staging, and the homeowners couldn't believe how the changes had made such a big difference. They both commented that they would have never thought of doing these things and were so glad that the suggestions made were doable. And best of all the changes were only going to cost a few hundred dollars to get their home completely ready to put on the market.

Staging doesn't have to break the bank. They needed a few accessories, greenery, paint and accent pieces after we repositioned their furniture and we used items from other rooms, including wedding gifts that had been in a closet for years!

A home staging consultation is all this couple needed to pull everything together. They are now well on their way to being competitive with the new homes still being built the area.