5 Smart Ways To Sell Your Home In A Slow Market-Barbara Corcoran

The Today Shows Matt Lauer interviews Real Estate Mogul Barbara Corcoran.  

Her Top 5 tips for Selling a Home in a 2012:

1) Time it Right- Don't sell until after Super Bowl Sunday.

2) Price your home wisely - Sell for 10-15% less than what competitors are asking for.

3) Get an inspection of your home before you list it.  You will know whats wrong upfront.

4) Sellers should offer financial incentives upfront.  Don't wait for negotiations.

5) Wage war online.  Have phenomenal pictures online, or they won't bother to come see it.

If your gong to spend a little money to help sell your home spend it in the 3 Key Spaces: 
Living Room
Front facade of house

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