Houston Home Sellers...Vacant Home Not Selling?

  • Has your vacant home been on the market for over 3 months?
  • Are you getting traffic through your vacant home?
  • Have you had an offer on your vacant home?
  • Do the empty rooms need defining?
  • Are the empty rooms cold and uninviting?
  • Is your vacant home another plain vanilla box?

Vacant homes are on the rise, and in some neighborhoods all look alike inside. So what makes a buyer pick one house over another?

The buyers are out there, but they're looking for a house in perfect condition, a great price, great location, with a beautiful interior. With the excess of housing inventory, buyers can now be choosey. But, not all want a foreclosure that needs work, most home buyers want a move-in ready home.

Staging enhances the homes best assets, defines rooms, gives it an updated look, and makes it show beautifully. If the houses are similar in your neighborhood, and yours is strategically staged with furniture and accessories, guess who's will be remembered? The staged one! If you have looked at homes, you know how true this is.

A vacant home needs to be staged. Hiring a professional stager to bring in furniture, accessories, wall art, greenery, bedding, linens, rugs, lamps and more will set your home apart from all of the other plain, vanilla boxes.

Real estate agents will want to show a staged home...why? Because, they know that a staged home not only shows well, but is usually move-in ready, and will sell more quickly than a vanilla box.



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