Organizing Kid's Closet's

These adorable 2'-3' little people we call children are not always the best at putting things back where they belong. Sure, it's easy for us to go through their rooms and organize it, but we have a few feet on them. The secret to having them put things up is to have them help you with the original organizing of the their room.
When you decide to start, make sure your children are with you and make a game out of it. They love that, and more so, they love spending time with you. The key is making sure they can reach everything.

Put out of season clothing in boxes in another part of the house.
If possible put a hanging rod in the closet that they can reach. A substitute would be to use an adjustable shower curtain rod, but only a light amount of clothing could be hung on there. No heavy coats.
Take out games they are not playing with so much anymore, maybe there are some they've outgrown.
Take out books, and crafts, school papers and again put them somewhere out of their room, if possible.
If their closet is big enough, you can put these items on the top shelf, but just keep the lower ones free.
Put a plastic cart with drawers that pull out to keep misc. items in them. Copy or cut out pictures or make labels of what is to be put in each drawer so they will know that everything has a place.
Store stuffed animals in a hammock where they can reach it.
Get containers that will fit underneath and slide under bed for toys, games, crafts, etc. Again label with pictures, or a label maker.
Use a clear shoe bag for the small things. Make sure it is hanging low enough for kids to reach. If they can read you can label each compartment or again put pictures on them. Loose change, matchbox cars, rings, etc.
Buy or make some decorative shelves for some of the items they can look at but can't touch. Breakables, figurines, collectibles.
Use a small coat rack with pegs on it on wall to hang bracelets, purses, umbrella's on it.
The bottom line is to keep everything on their level until they get older. They will be more perceptive and likely to put things up and maybe it won't be such a big event!

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